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Villas for sale in Murcia, Costa Calida in Spain

Villas for sale in Murcia, Costa Calida in Spain

Murcia, Spain: November 2020 – By Casas247.

Villas in Murcia for sale. has 100s of homes for sale in Murcia, Costa Calida in Spain.

Our property owners in Murcia, Costa Calida benefit from the lowest fees in Spain. We charge less than half the fees then other Murcia estate agents, making us the best Costa Calida Estate agency to buy your villas for sale in Murcia through.

Our Murcia property owners can afford to reduce their properties for sale in Murcia to their lowest possible prices by benefiting from on 1% Estate agency fees in Murcia Costa Calida.

Our properties for sale and rent in Murcia are the lowest, best value properties in Spain.

Things we do not do:

  • market your property without clear authority.
  • give information that is irrelevant to the selling process.
  • disclose private data without authorised permission.
  • engage in any act that would be detrimental to the sale process.
  • engage in any act that may be deemed irresponsible or unprofessional.
  • display a “FOR SALE” sign in front of an authorised sale when asked not to.

Things we do do:

  • We target and update registered serious buyers on our database with new property listings matching their criteria via text messages, emails & phone calls.
  • Free Advertising on Property Portals.
  • We would display our “FOR SALE” ad-board to create awareness on passing traffic if instructed.
  • If you accept an offer then we chase up relevant parties.
  • Job complete only when contracts are signed and exchanged.
  • Follow professional codes of ethics and practice.
  • And finally, you get overall commitment from our staff.
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What Features Increase And Decrease Property Value In Spain?

What Features Increase And Decrease Property Value In Spain?

Murcia, Spain: October 2020 – By Casas247.

When placing your property on the market in Spain, you need to consider the pros and cons that effect your property price. Like what features increase and decrease property value.

The Spanish property market is very different to the UK. Schools, transport and proximity to the workplace dominate UK property values. These features are relevant in the local Spanish property market too, but rarely apply to the foreign buyer’s market. That’s because most foreign property owners and buyers are looking for a holiday home or to drop out and take it easy and enjoy the good life in the sun. So what features increase and decrease property value?

Rarely do Spanish people buy homes on urbanisations designed for leisure or choose country properties as their main home. Instead, they look for practical, low cost family housing, close to major towns or cities, virtually the exact opposite of what foreign buyers regard as a dream Spanish home. So what features increase and decrease property value?

The local Spanish property market also has a different age demographic compared to overseas buyers. Young families and professionals from 25-55 are the main drivers of the internal property market. Conversely, the overseas, foreign buyer’s market largely comprises of buyers between 50-70 years of age with higher, northern European budgets.

The property you currently reside in, here in Spain, will rarely appeal to the average Spanish buyer. In effect excluding around 97% of the total Spanish property buying market. The overseas property market is usually around 20-30% more expensive than the local equivalent. This is an important fact to consider when first putting your property on the market.

Will my Property Appeal

So the first question to ask yourself is: “will my property appeal to local Spanish buyers, or be better promoted to foreign buyers?”. If you aim at the local market, you will have to accept your price will need to be competitive and lower than expected. If you are targeting overseas buyers, it will have to appeal to those looking for the typical Spanish dream location, rather than a practical town or city area.

The most popular locations for the lucrative, overseas buyer’s market are as follows;

  1. Coastal apartments and villas.
  2. Golf & leisure resorts.
  3. Urbanisations close to coast/airports.
  4. Country homes with views.
  5. Cheap renovation projects/bank repos.
  6. Properties in attractive villages/hamlets.

The least popular property features include;

  1. Over-priced property.
  2. Isolated homes.
  3. Properties with poor access/long dusty tracks.
  4. Properties in agricultural town locations.
  5. Cluttered and poorly maintained homes.
  6. Unattractive, poorly designed homes.

It’s important to consider the pros and cons of your property above before contacting an estate agent. Be realistic, be objective about your property before deciding your sale price. Do some research on the internet and compare properties similar to yours. Some estate agents will take your property on at any price, but only a professional estate agent with an understanding of true property values will sell it.

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Murcia Property Owners Delighted With Low-Cost Estate Agent!

Murcia Property Owners Delighted With Low-Cost Estate Agent!

Murcia, Spain: October 2020 – By Casas247.

Property owners in the region of Murcia have reacted positively to the launch of  –

A brand new Spanish Property marketing platform that offers vendors ultra low cost fees for selling their Murcia property.

Traditional Spanish Property Agents tend to charge between 2.5 – 5% commission on the average property sale. Often, there are several clauses in their contracts; so what looks like 2.5% is more likely to be 5% when you see the terms and conditions.

For example, the agent may require your property to be “exclusive” to them for a long period; this means you cannot get maximum exposure with several agents at the same time. Further scrutiny will reveal that you are required to use their own legal advisors who will charge a lot more than if you choose your own lawyer.

Estate agents can also require you to use their preferred currency company. This can give you sub-optimal exchange rates because they are paying the agent a commission.

At there are no hidden fees or catches. We provide a full estate agency service, which includes everything for just 1% commission; payable on the completion of your property sale at the notary.