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About Casas247.Net

We are a Low-Cost, highly recommended Estate Agency keeping costs down for property buyers and vendors

The Spanish Property Market Is Unpredictable!

Here’s what we are doing to adapt to the current circumstances and outlook

Spanish property agents have, historically, charged some of the highest fees in the European property market. Often asking 5-10% commission on resale properties, depending on regional economies and demand.

Since the 2008 financial crisis, estate agent’s fees have reduced a little, but on average, when you take added costs and terms & conditions into account, most property owners are still being charged around 4%. That’s 300% more than a UK high Street estate agent charges!

When you consider Spain hits buyers with some of the highest purchase taxes in Europe (8-10%) plus land registry, notary and legal fees, this ultimately translates to the Spanish property buyer paying 11% more, on top of the asking price. But it gets worse, most property owners here in Spain also add another 4% onto the price they want to cover their estate agents fees. That’s a whopping 15% the property buyer pays on top of the asking price!

This cannot continue, it’s killing an already fragile market.

At Casas247.Net, we have slashed Estate Agents fees to just 1%, NO Sale NO Fee! We only charge on completion of the sale, with no upfront costs to the property owner.

These huge savings – on average 5,400€ – provides extra wriggle-room for sellers to negotiate a favourable price with their buyers, thus, bringing the price of selling and buying property in Spain down to a more affordable rate.

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We work smartly and efficiently

By reducing our business costs we can pass on huge savings to you

It’s perfectly obvious to almost everyone that an Estate Agent with expensive, fancy offices, flash company cars and lots of staff overheads is going to charge you high fees to fund their image.
90% of Spanish property buyers will find their ideal property on the internet from their home somewhere else in Europe. They will make appointments to view properties via email. When they arrive in Spain, it’s almost certain they will have several viewing appointments with many different agents in the region. They don’t really care about sitting in estate agent’s plush showrooms waiting to be taken to view a property. They simply want to view and move on to the next appointment. At Casas247.Net, we meet our buying clients near to the properties they want to view, giving us more time to explain the attributes and benefits of your home at the scene.
At Casas247.Net, we don’t do expensive showrooms, flashy cars or offices full of administrators. Our whole Team is comprised of  experienced Estate Agents, each responsible for their own property listings, viewings and client interaction. They are constantly on the road viewing properties with the buyers they have worked with from the very first enquiry. At the end of the working day, they return to their home/office and deal with their own administration requirements… no secretaries, no receptionists, no designated property valuers or photographers… We do it all ourselves in our respective territories and pass on the savings to our clients, be they buyers or sellers.

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