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Properties for sale in Totana region of Murcia

Properties for sale in Totana region of Murcia

Murcia, Spain: April 2021 – By Casas247.

We have many properties for sale in Totana region of Murcia for sale from 80,000€ – Click to view property for sale in Totana for our full selection.

Luxury villas, apartments and country houses are available in Totana, Aledo and many of the stunning hillside towns and villages in the municipality of Totana.

Totana is a municipality in the Region of Murcia in Spain. It has a population of 32008. The local economy is largely dependent on agriculture and related industries. It has a railway station providing a service on the Cercanías Murcia/Alicante commuter line, providing connections to Alicante and Murcia.

Here are just some of the highlights if you’re lucky enough to discover the delights and a suitable property in the area around Totana.

Festivities in localities of the municipality

There are some festivities held in villages of the municipality below:

  • Lébor festivity:This festivity is consecrated to Saint Peter and is held at the weekend which includes 30 June. The festivity is opened with a rocket set off. Other activities are music group performances, a procession (festive religious parade) and the typical village fried egg contests. The finale action of the festive days is firework display with typical Spanish structure and procedure named ‘castillo’ (castle).
  • La Ñorica district festivity: Unlike most villages and localities in general in Spain, La Ñorica has not its own patron saint. Therefore, there is not any patron saint festivities in contrast with many places in Spain, whose main festivities are patron saint ones. As Ñorica have not had traditional and historic celebrations, their event has recently been introduced.
  • La Huerta district festivity: This festivity is consecrated to the ‘Virgin of the vegetable-patches’ (Virgen de las huertas), in other words, it is consecrated to the Virgin Mary in facet in which she is related to the vegetable patches. The festivity takes place in a weekend that includes the 8th of September, or in the closest to 8 September weekend. On the first day there is a procession (festive religious parade) devoted to the ‘Virgin of the vegetable patches’, next a mass is held. On the second day a verbena takes place and on the last day of the festive days there is a mass that includes a music performance of a local band and mass picnic event.
  • La Sierra district festivity: The reason for the festivity is the tribute to Leocadia. It is usually held on the third weekend of September. On the first festive day there is a contest of a Spanish and Portuguese typical dish named migas and next there is a music performance. On the second day there is a procession (festive religious parade) and next a verbena takes place while on the last day, a mass paella eating event occurs. In some years special activities are also carried out in Sierra Espuña (a mountain range).