Apartment For Sale in Villanueva del Rio Segura

For Sale
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Property Details

  • Ref: 2032
  • Type: Apartment
  • Availability: For Sale
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • Build m2: 43
  • Pool: Yes
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Property Summary

With 47 fully equipped residences, no expense has been spared in this development to satisfy even the most demanding customers. With options for one or two bedrooms, spacious terraces, and duplex penthouses with a large rooftop featuring a barbecue, you can enjoy outdoor living in st

Property Features

  • Air Con
  • Balcony
  • Fitted Wardrobes
  • Furnished - Yes
  • Garden
  • Mains Electric
  • Mains Water
  • Parking - Underground
  • Pool - Communal
  • Sports/Play Facilities
  • Storage
  • View of Mountains
  • White Goods
  • Window Shutters/Blinds

Full Details

With 47 fully equipped residences, no expense has been spared in this development to satisfy even the most demanding customers. With options for one or two bedrooms, spacious terraces, and duplex penthouses with a large rooftop featuring a barbecue, you can enjoy outdoor living in style.

You will love exploring all the amazing common areas of this property! From the outdoor pool with a solarium, where you can sunbathe and take a dip on the hottest days, to the children's pool with its own play area and solarium, the little ones will also have a great time! If you prefer tranquility, the landscaped areas offer you an oasis of peace to read or take a walk.

If you are looking for a place to relax and disconnect from the routine, let me tell you that the Region of Murcia is your perfect destination. Here, you can enjoy incredible landscapes, the Mediterranean climate, and a delicious gastronomy that will make your mouth water.

And if you are a golf lover, you're in luck. Within a few minutes' drive, you will find some of the best golf courses in the region, such as Mosa Trayectum, Torre Pacheco, La Manga Club, or Altorreal Golf Club, with 18 holes.

About 70km from Alicante International Airport and 50km from Corvera International Airport (Murcia).

In two-bedrooms homes , fully fitted kitchen with vertical block composed of washer-dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator ,vitroceramic electric hob with matching electric oven and stainless-steel single-drainer sink.
In one-bedroom homes ,built-in cooker in closed cabinet with holding or similar doors, equipped with washing-drying machine , refrigerator , vitroceramic electric hob with matching electric oven and stainless-steel single-drainer sink.
Smoke- extractor hoods with centrifugal turbine.
Spanish-granite worktops.
Wall-mounted and floor units lined with oak or similar wood along cooker length.

Two exterior swimming-pools, one for children and another one for adults forming a beach in one of its sides and surrounded by wide covered and semicovered areas (Fretwork pergolas) with access through staircases and ramps on the beach zone. A third covered and climatized swimming-pool to enjoy all along the year provided with special access for disabled people. The covered swimming-pool is placed on a spa area with different types of waterfalls and collective Jacuzzi. The two swimming-pools for adults are of different depth.
Water treatment plant.
Shower facilities.
There are two more separated zones in the spa by transparent paneling, the first one is designated to a gym for the practice of aerobic exercises as well as a cardiovascular zone equipped with fitness and exercise machines. A consulting-room with a physiotherapist doctor cabinet.
Sauna and shower.
The common installations are out in the open:
Pitch-and-putt, a closed area for golf training.
Crown green bowling, a closed area with perfect measurements for the practice of the game.
Playground for children, properly designed.
Reading area with benches and pergolas for sun protection.
In between these areas, there is a site landscape with trees, that form walkways and help to filter the sounds from the swimming-pools.
All homes have a parking space with adjoining private storage room, with a surface area of approximately six square metres.

Car park with direct access from homes via lifts and staircase.Four entrances from the street :
two on street 5, called “Calle Naranjo”, and two on street 6, called “Calle Jazmin”. All of them with remote –controlled motorised doors. Car park on semi-basement or basement level with natural ventilation.Emergency lighting and signage soundproofing layer between first- floor and car –park roof.

Joint antenna for TV-UHF-VHF, with amplifier room at head. Telecom facilities prepared for aerial (land) TV, standard TV, satellite TV and cable TV, and standard and cable telephone cable. 24-hour medical-emergency alarm with red alarm button.Outlets in living / dining-room
and terrace or main bedroom.
Individual plumbing system with copper or covered polypropylene piping for hot water, with 50-litre electric water heater.
Cold and hot-water supply with stop cocks in all wet areas .
PVC sewerage system with individual siphons for all toilets.
Electrical wiring per LT regulations , with Simon, BIC or equivalent brand mechanism.
Covered terraces with electricity supply.
Uncovered terraces on the respective duplex apartments that are at the top floor with block consisting of washing and barbecue area with water and electricity supply and drainage.
Uncovered terraces on the already mentioned duplex apartments above first floor with running pergola for sun protecting. Videophone for access. Air-conditioning via inlet/outlet ducting with heat pump and individual units for each home.

Community fee will be €80 per month.

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